African-American Studies
Georgia State University


1. Vita

A. Education

Ph.D. African History /minor in U. S. History, Stanford University, 1986
MA African History, Stanford University, 1976
BA History, Stanford University, 1974

B. Grants and Awards

African American Research Grant, " African and Hollywood Project,"Georgia State University, 1998
 National Security Education Program Grant, "Institutional Collaborative for HBCUs and Non-HBCUs in the South" 1996-99, Associate Director/ Chair Advisory Committee, Member of the Selection Committee
Visiting Scholar, University Center in Georgia, Spring, 1996
Sophie Newcomb Foundation Grant: A Social History of Xhosa Women,1996
Sophie Newcomb Foundation Grant: Africa and Hollywood-Women's Issues, Women's Lives 1994
Fulbright Lecturer, National University of Lesotho 1990-1991
Lousiana Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute,  Director and Principal Scholar "African Culture for Secondary School Teachers: A Curriculum
 Model," 1989
Meritorious Teaching Award, Humboldt State University, June 1985
Humboldt State University Affirmative Action Faculty Development Grant, Spring Quarter 1983
Humboldt State University Affirmative Action Faculty Development Grant, Winter 1981
Foreign Language and Areas Study Fellowship (US Government), September 1979-June 1980
The Weter Fund Fellowship for Graduate Study, 1979
 National Fellowships (Ford Foundation) to conduct Doctoral Research in England and Nairobi, Kenya November 1977- June 1979
National Fellowships (Ford Foundation) Scholarship for Graduate Study 1975-1978
The Weter Fund 1974-1976
National Merit Semi-Finalist 1970
The New England Foundation 1970-1973

C. Employment History
Associate Professor, African American Studies, Georgia State University, 1997-present
Director, African and African Diaspora Studies Program Tulane University, 1996-1997
Acting Director, African and Diaspora Studies Program, Tulane Fall Semester, 1995
Tulane University Graduate Faculty, 1993-1997
Women's Studies Faculty Associate, Tulane University 1992-1997
Associate Professor of History, Tulane University, 1990-1997
Associate Professor of History, Loyola University, 1985-1990
Associate Professor of Afro-American Studies, Humboldt State University, 1984-1985
Assistant Professor of Afro-American Studies, Humboldt State University, 1980-1984
Graduate Teaching Fellow, Stanford University, Winter 1980
Teaching Assistant, Stanford University, Winter 1976
Grader for History course, Stanford University, Spring 1975
Facilitator, A Better Chance Program, Stanford University, Summer 1974
Instructor in Conversational English, Adult Education Program, Felsbach Germany, Winter 1972
Teaching Assistant, Educational Enrichment Program, Milton, Massachusetts Summer 1969
Teaching Assistant, A Better Chance Program, Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota Summer 1968

D. Administrative Experience
AAS Education Initiative Coordinator, 1997-present
Director, African and African Diaspora Studies Program, 1996-1997
Acting Director Africa Diaspora Studies Program, Fall Semester, 1995
Director, African and African Diaspora Studies Program, 1996-1998
Chair, Personnel Committee Amistad Research Center 1995
Director, Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute, 1989
Minor in Family Studies Coordinator, 1984
Ethnic Studies Program Leader, 1981-1982, 1983-1984

II. Research And Scholarly Activity

A. Publications

1. Books
Mau Mau's Daughter The Life History of Wambui Otieno, Edited and with an Introduction by Cora Ann Presley. Lynne Reinner, Publishers, 1998
Kikuyu Women, The Mau Mau Rebellion and Social Change in Kenya. Westview Press, March 1992

2. Articles/ Book Chapters
"Mary Kingsley," World Book Encyclopedia World Book Publishing , Chicago, 1996
"Samuel White Baker," World Book Encyclopedia.World Book Publishing, Chicago, 1996
"Kikuyu Women, The Mau Mau Rebellion and Social Change," Canadian Journal of African Studies, Fall 1988
New Orleans Anti-Apartheid Coalition brochure, co-author, Spring 1987.
"Women in the Mau Mau Rebellion," in In Resistance: Studies on African, Afro-American and Caribbean  Resistance, edited by Gary Okihiro. University of Massachusetts Press, 1986.
"Labor Unrest Among Kikuyu Women in Colonial Kenya," in Women and Class in Africa, edited by Claire   Robertson and Iris Berger. Holmes and Meier, 1986.
"Kikuyu Women, Culture and Nationalism," Chico Journal of African Studies, Chico State University, 1981

3. Reviews

Review of Mau Mau: Analysis of a Peasant Revolt by W. Maloba, American Historical Review, October 1995
Review of Restoring Women to History: Teaching Packets for Integrating Women's History into Courses on   Africa, Asia, Latin America, The Caribbean and the Middle East, by Organization of American Historians,
 The International Journal of African Historical Studies, Volume 24, Number 1,1991
Review of Resistance and Settler Ideology by Tom Lodge, Journal of African Economic History, 1991
 Review of Squatters and the Roots of Mau Mau, by Tabitha Kanogo in The International Journal of African Historical Studies, Volume 22, Number 3, 1989
 Review of Class, Race and the Civil Rights Movement by Jack M. Bloom in Journal of American Ethnic History, Fall 1987 .

B. Work in progress
Africa and Hollywood: Myth Romance and Savage Imagery
African Women, Feminism and Rebellion: A Comparative Analysis of Women's Nationalism in Kenya, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Algeria and Mozambique in progress with Jacqueline Howard- Matthews

C.  Papers Read
Panel Discussant/Chair, "Appreciating Women and Material Culture: Southern Africa and Canada," Oral   History Association, October 18, 1998
Panel Moderator, "Slave Revolts: the Struggle for Freedom," Auburn Avenue Research Library,
  January 18, 1998
"Gender and Politics in the Narrative of Wambui Waiyaki Otieno" Emory University, February 12, 1998
 "History and Memory in Kenya: the Memoir of Wambui Otieno," African Studies Association, Columbus, Ohio, November 14,1997
"Memory is a Weapon: Politics and Gender in Black Women's Autobiographies", Triangular Exchanges  Conference, University of Chicago, October, 1997
Panel Discussant/ Chair, " Slavery and West African Life," Tulane Cambridge Atlantic World Conference,   November 22, 1996
 "From Recollections to Oral History," Georgia State University, Morris Brown College, Clark Atlanta University, and University of Georgia at Athens,  as Georgia Humanities Center Visiting Scholar,  April 9-14, 1996
"Discourse or Discordance?: Colonized and Colonizing Women in Africa and Their Resolutions",
 November 15, 1995 In Their Own Right Conference, Spelman College, (co-presented with Dr. J. Howard- Matthews)
Panel Discussant/ Chair, "The Ugandan State in Historical Perspective, "African Studies Association, Toronto,   Canada, November 5, 1994
"Mau Mau, Women and Nationalism: Knitting the Threads of Women's Activism," Gender Studies Program,   University of Transkei, Umtata, South Africa, August 18, 1994
"Women, the Media and Mau Mau: Putting 'the Spin' on Women Rebels," African Studies Association,
 December 6, 1993
"Gender and Nationalism in Kenya- A Look at Kikuyu Women" Clark Atlanta University, November 4, 1993
"Incident at Fort Hall: The Excision of Women's Agency in the Mau Mau Revolt"  Women's Issues Forum, Loyola University, October 28, 1993
"ĎA chief is like a sack of dung': Chieftainship and Gender in Rural Lesotho," Ninth Berkshire Conference on   the History of Women, June 11, 1993
Panel Discussant, " The Construction of Identity in Colonial Societies: A Comparative View," Southwestern   Social Science Association Annual Meeting, March 19, 1993
"ĎA Chief is like a sack of dung': Chieftainship and Gender in Rural Lesotho," American Historical Association,   December 29, 1992
Panel Chair, "Gender, Power, and Personhood: Ritual Meanings and Lived Experience", African Studies Association, November 20, 1992
"ĎA Chief is like a sack of dung': Chieftainship and Gender in Rural Lesotho," Southern Conference on Afro-American Studies, February 20, 1992
"Female Ex-Combatants in the Mau Mau Movement," Black Political Scientists Association, March 1990
Panel Discussant, "Ethnic Notions," American Librarian Association, New
Orleans, July  1988
"African American Studies and Black Women's Literature," Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities Seminar,   University of New Orleans, June 1988
"Kikuyu Women, the Mau Mau Rebellion and Social Change," Canadian African Studies Association,
 May 1988
"African Women, the Mau Mau Rebellion and Social Change," Area History Seminar, Tulane University,   Spring Semester 1988
"Women in the Mau Mau Rebellion," African Studies Association, Denver, Colorado, November 21, 1987
"Kikuyu Women, The Mau Mau Rebellion and Kenyan Historiography," Southwestern Historical Association,   Dallas, Texas, March 1987
"Kikuyu Women and the Mau Mau," Women in Development Seminar, Stanford University, May 1985
"Labor Unrest Among Kikuyu Women," African Studies Association Conference, Bloomington, Indiana,   October 1982
Panel Discussant, "Cultural Bias in African Studies," African Studies Association, Los Angeles, October  1984
"Kikuyu Women in the Mau Mau Rebellion," Santa Clara University, May 1981
"Kikuyu Women, Culture and Nationalism," Chico State University, February 1981
"Women, Culture and Nationalism," Stanford/ Berkeley Conference on Africa, Stanford, CA May 1980
"Kikuyu Women and the Coffee Estates," University of Nairobi Departmental Seminar, May 1979

D. Seminars Given
"African History Since 1400", Docent Training Program, New Orleans Museum of Art, October 2-3, 1995
"Zimbabwean History and Politics" Fulbright Summer Institute for Teachers, June 10, 24,1995
"African Peoples and Cultures," World Geography Seminar, Jefferson Parish Teacher's Workshop,
 July 19, 1995
Director, Amistad Summer Teachers' Program 1994-95
"African Heritage of the Americas" Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute on The Caribbean Basin directed by Professor Lee Woodward, June 23, 1994
"African State and Society" Wazazi Parent/Teacher Seminar, James E. Lewis School, February 23, 1994
Co-panelist for "Research and Fieldwork in Africa Workshop," Clark Atlanta University, November 4, 1993
Amistad Summer Teachers' Institute "Africa Since 1400," Director and Principal Scholar, August 2-20, 1993
Director of the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute for Teachers "African Culture for   Secondary Social Studies Teachers: A Curriculum Module," July 10,1989-August 5, 1989

E. Other scholarly activities
Regional Research Review Committee, Council for International Exchange of Scholars, 1996-1999
H-Africa. Editorial Board, 1996-1998
Discipline Advisory Committee in African History, Council for International Exchange of Scholars, 1993-1995
Consultant for MacMillan Publishing Company, The Heritage of World Civilizations,  3rd Edition 1992
Newcomb Fellow 1992
Editorial Board Mohlomo, 1990-1991
Master's Thesis supervision Humboldt State University
Director of Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities Project "African Culture for Secondary Social Studies School Teachers," July 10-August 5,1989
Reader for Signs Journal, 1989
Reader for journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 1996

III.  Teaching Record

A. Courses Taught
The Dynamics of Black Culture and Social Thought (HSU)
Patterns of Pan-Africanisms (HSU)
Topical Research in Minority/ Majority Relations (HSU)
Discovering Africa (Loyola)
Afro-American Culture and History (Loyola)
Slavery/ Race Relations (Loyola)
Black Leadership in USA (Loyola)
Third World Films (HSU)
Introduction to Cultural Minorities in the US (HSU)
Survey of US History (HSU)
World Civilization from 1650 (Loyola)
African American History and Culture ( Georgia State University)
Gender Issues in Africa ( GSU)
Peoples of Africa ( GSU)
History of Southern Africa and the Region ( Clark-Atlanta University)
Comparative Political History ( Clark-Atlanta University)

B. Courses Created
The Black Experience to 1865 (HSU)
The Contemporary Black Experience (HSU)
The Black Family in America (HSU)
Minority Women in the US (HSU)
Black Women's Literature (HSU)
Africa 1880 to the Present (Loyola)
U. S. Black History (Loyola)
African Civilization (Tulane)
Southern Africa (Tulane)
African Since 1880 (Tulane)
Women in Africa (Tulane & GSU)
West African Society and Culture (Tulane)
African Rebellions (Tulane & GSU)
Africa & Hollywood: Myth, Romance and Savage Imagery (Tulane & GSU)

C. Curriculum Development
Member of an ad-hoccommittee  to establish an African/ African Diaspora Studies Committee (1991-present)
I was instrumental in the design and establishment of a new minor in: Afro-American History (Loyola); Family Studies (HSU)

IV. Service to the Community

A. Service on university, college and/or department committees
Comparative Perspectives Committee, Georgia State University, 1998-1999
PEC Diversity Committee, Georgia State University, 1997-present
PEC Diversity Subcommittee on Curriculum, Georgia State University, 1998
PEF Committee, Georgia State University, Georgia State University,1997
PERS 2000 Comparative Cultures Committee, Georgia State University, 1997
Evaluation Committee, Newcomb College Center for Research on Women, 1996-1997
Amistad Research Center, Educational Consortium Committee, 1997-present
University College Council Tulane University, 1996-1998
Provost Search Committee, Tulane University,  1996
Department Chairs and Program Leaders Committee, LAS 1995-1998
LAS Graduate Program Review Committee, 1995
Africa and African Diaspora Studies Program Committee 1991
Chair, Amistad Research Center Personnel Committee, 1994- present
LAS International Programs Committee, 1994
History Department Undergraduate Studies Committee 1994
History Department Graduate Studies Committee 1992-1994
University Senate Development Committee 1992-1995
Newcomb College Dean's Search Committee 1992-1993
Tulane University Freshman Advisor 1991-1994
Ad Hoc Committee on the Establishment of an Undergraduate Semester in Africa, 1991-1992
Amistad Research Center Board of Directors, 1991-present
Committee for the Newcomb College Center for Research on Women, 1991-1994
Academic Senate, Loyola 1988-1990
Instructional Development Advisory Committee 1988-1990
University Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics (Loyola) 1986- 1988
Chair, Admission Review Committee (Loyola) 1987-1990
Admissions Review Committee (Loyola) 1985-1987
Biever Guest Lectures Committee (Loyola) 1985-1990
Affirmative Action Advisory Committee (HSU) 1984-1984
Academic Senate (HSU) 1983-1985
Women's Faculty Association, Officer (HSU) 1983-1984
President's Roundtable on Minority Enrollment at Humboldt State University, September 1983-February 1984
Women's Studies Program Advisory Board (HSU) 1982-1984
Subcommittee on Minority Retention (HSU) December 1982
Core Student Affirmative Action Search Committee (HSU) 1982
President's Committee on Recruitment and Retention of Minority Students (HSU) 1983-1985
Chair, Committee on Multi-disciplinary Minor in Family Studies (HSU) 1982-1984
Interdisciplinary Studies Division Personnel Committee (HSU) 1981-1982
Program Leader's Committee for Interdisciplinary Studies and Special Programs (HSU) 1981-1982,1983-1985
Economic Opportunity Screening Committee (HSU) 1980-1984
Core Student Affirmative Action Advisory Board (HSU) 1980-1985
University Teacher Preparation Committee (HSU) 1980-1985
Ethnic Studies Program Committee (HSU) 1980-1985
Ethnic Studies Curriculum Committee (HSU) 1980-1985

B. Community Service
Southern University at New Orleans Center for African and African American Studies Advisory
 Board 1988-1991
Long-range Planning Committee, Amistad Research Center 1992-1995
Amistad Research Center Educational Consortium Advisory Committee 1988-1989
Amistad Research Center Sesquicentennial Celebration Steering Committee, 1988-1989
Consultant for Orleans Parish Public Schools Anti-Apartheid Pilot Project, January 1987-June 1989
Editorial Board for National Urban League publication The State of Black New Orleans 1987

Talks presented to university audiences:
"Ebonics, The Media and the Miseducation of America," Ebonics Forum, Tulane University, March 6, 1997
"Women in Lesotho" African Congress of Tulane, October 15, 1992
"Gender, Resistance and Social Change in Colonial Kenya," Graduate -Anthropology Colloquium, Tulane   University, October 9, 1992
"The ANC: Liberation and Power in South Africa," for African Congress of Tulane, October 9, 1991
"The Civil Rights Movement: Failures and Successes," National University of Lesotho Martin Luther King, Jr.   Celebration, March, 1991
"The Role of Black Women in Activist Movements," for the Black Students' Union, February 18, 1987
 "The Effects of Apartheid on Women and Children in South Africa," for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, November 19, 1986
Co-organizer and member of discussion panel for special viewing of "The Africans," October 12, 1986
"Zora Neale Hurston," in Dr. Brown's Class 'The Black Writer in America," Aptil 23, 1987
"Socio-economic Status of Minorities in the US," Philosophy Department (Loyola) December 10, 1986
"Origins of the Afro-American Presence in the US," College Motivation Day (HSU), November 16,1984
'The State of Black America," Psychology Department (HSU), May 17, 1984
"Kikuyu Women and Missionaries," Anthropology Department, April 18, 1984
"Women and Labor in Kenya," Anthropology Department (HSU), April 11, 1984
"Perspectives on the Civil Rights Movement," Sociology Department (HSU), October 31, 1984
"Ethnic Studies and Liberal Education at Humboldt State University," Ethnic
Studies 10th Anniversary Colloquium, December 14, 1983
"Socio-economic Dimensions of Black Culture," Psychology Department (HSU), May 6,1982
"Political and Economic Context of Apartheid in South Africa," Women's Studies Film Festival
  (HSU), February 11, 1982
"Historiography of the Black Family," Home Economics Department (HSU), Winter Quarter, 1982
"Health and Cultural Diversity," Nursing Department (HSU), January 23, 1981
"The Historical Roots and Literary Background of the Harlem Renaissance," Black Students' Union,
  February 17, 1981

Talks presented to community/ public school  audiences:
"African Culture and Society,"  Bunche High School, February 6, 1998
Career Motivation Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. School, April 16, 1998
"Journey to Jo'Burg" Crimm High School, Feb 20, 1998
"The Amistad Incident,"Long Middle School, February 19, 1998
"Recent Theories on the Role of Black Women in America," Eureka Branch NAACP, March 21,1983
"Sexual Harassment in the Workplace," Unitarian Fellowship Church, November 14, 1982
"Visions of Afro-American Women's Literature," Eureka Branch NAACP, October 18, 1981
"Women and Children Under Apartheid," J.F.K. High School, May 7, 1987
"Women and Children Under Apartheid," Gregory Junior High School, April 2, 1987
"Women and Children Under Apartheid," McDonough #35, March 31, 1987
"Women and Children Under Apartheid," Abramson Senior High School, March 24, 1987
"Women and Children Under Apartheid," Murray K. Henderson Elementary School, March 12, 1987
"Women and Children Under Apartheid," Landry High School, March 10, 1987
"Women and Children Under Apartheid," Paul L. Dunbar Elementary School,  February 26, 1987
"Women and Children Under Apartheid," Livingstone Middle School,February 17, 1987
"Origins of the Afro-American Presence," Landry High School, Gretna, LA , January 27, 1987
"The Civil Rights Movement," East St. John High School, Reserve, LA, December 15, 1986
"The Civil Rights Movement," McDonough #36, December 11, 1986
"Jessie Jackson and the Presidential Race," Fortuna High School, December 15,1983
"Human Rights Issues and the U. S. Government," B'hai Society, December 9,1983
"Affirmative Action and the Civil Rights Act of 1964," US Government Class, Fortuna High School,
  December 13, 1982
"The Civil Rights Movement," U. S. History class, Fortuna High School, May 20,1982

C. Selected community service
Vice-president of Eureka Branch NAACP, 1983-1985
Member of Eureka Branch NAACP, 1980-1985

D. Service at the state/national level
Association of Black Women Historians
Women's Studies Consortium of Louisiana
African Studies Association
Canadian African Studies Association
Co-Convener, Women's Caucus of the African Studies Association 1991-1993
Southern Conference on Afro-American Studies
Department of African American Studies
Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA 30303-3083
Telephone (404) 651-0772
FAX (404) 651-4883

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