Authors and Acknowledgments

Grants from GSU’s Teaching and Learning Center and the Robinson Business College's Faculty Development Committee funded this writing project. Those contributing to the web site include:

Lucia N. Smeal
Clinical Assistant Professor
School of Accountancy
Georgia State University

Michael J. Calegari
Associate Professor and Department Chair
Santa Clara University

Catherine Cleaveland
Assistant Professor
Kennesaw State University

Christopher J. Fenn
Georgia State University

Gregory G. Geisler
Assistant Professor
University of Missouri at St. Louis

Tad D. Ransopher
Assistant Professor
Georgia State University

Robert W. Richards
Georgia State University

The following professionals reviewed parts of the web site:

Steve McLeighton, Tax Partner

Mary Vann-Hamilton, Tax Partner
Ernst & Young

We appreciate their many helpful comments and suggestions. Of course, the authors are responsible for any errors or omissions.

The authors also wish to thank Yong Ju, Yan Xu, and Paul Mashburn for their able web assistance. Finally, we thank you for visiting the M.Tx. Writing Web Site. Please visit the following sites: Identifying Issues, Locating Tax Authority, Evaluating Tax Authority, and Marginal Tax Rates.