Inside the heart of Ligia exotica

    Ligia heart was opened and stretched out after incision of the ventral wall. Inside the heart, there's the cardiac ganglion, a cluster of the heart pacemaker neurons. There are six neurons found in the main trunk of the cardiac ganglion.
    These nerve processes were stained by intracellular injection of Neurobiotin Tracer (Vector Lab.). into the soma of the cardiac ganglion neuron. Scale bar in left pic, 500 micron.

    The cardiac ganglion neurons project nerve fiberes onto all over the heart wall and make neuromuscular junctions with the cardiac muscles. Their neurotransmitter is glutamic acid.
    The soma of the cardiac ganglion neuron is seen in the middle pic as a swelling of the nerve process beside the scale bar. Fine short processes are also seen near the soma. There are the varicosities along a fine branch in the right pic.

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