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Heartbeat of crayfish

    In crayfish, the heart is located under the dorsal carapace of the thorax, suspended in the pericardial cavity by several ligaments. The heartbeat is neurogenic: The rhythm is determined by simple neural circuit in the heart called cardiac ganglion.

Research topicS

Physiology of cardiac muscle

There are at least three types of muscles in crustacean hearts. The cardiac muscle, the ostium muscle and the muscles of cardio-arterial valves. Ostium (pl.ostia) is a valvular opening on heart wall, from which blood (hemolymph) flows into the heart...

Chronic recording of cardio- regulation in free-living crayfish

There are only a pair of cardio-inhibitory nerves and a pair of cardio-acceleratory nerves projecting out from the CNS to the heart. The heartbeat is always under control by these nerves and hormones.
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