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Empty New Lab

Moving Day May 2010

The Katz Lab at the 2007 SfN meeting in San Diego

Award-winning poster at the 2007 South East Nerve Net



Flying to Friday Harbor for the Gastropod Neuroscience Symposium



Lab Fall 2006







The Database Commandos: Bob Calin-Jageman and Hao Tian














Computer Science Database Collaborators: Jason Pamplin, Ying Zhu, Raj Sunderraman








Lab Members: Paul Katz, Jim Newcomb, Naim Dargouth, Akira Sakurai







Biology Awards Recipients: Todd Cook, Jim Newcomb, and Christie Lynn-Bullock (front row)




Our work made the cover of Nature in Feb. of 1994.  Photo by Bill Frost



Here is a picture of Tritonia escaping from a sea star.  Photo by Bill Frost that was featured on a the CD from a local band, the Yum Yum Tree

See a review at Left Off the Dial



We can evoke the swim behavior by squirting a high concentration of salt on the animal. This is an artist's view of the behavior.

Serotonin immunoreactivity in the Tritonia brain.  The Dorsal Swim Interneurons (DSIs) are 3 of the group of five neurons located on each side of the midline.  The large bilaterally symmetric neuron at the top of the picture is C1.  It is involved in feeding behavior. There are numerous serotonergic neurons in the pedal ganglia   (Click for higher resolution)








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