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Spring and Maymester 2012 Programs

The Georgia State University Center for Human Rights and Democracy invites applications for up to three awards supporting undergraduate and/or graduate student participation in human rights related study abroad or exchange programs in Spring/Maymester 2012.  Two awards, each in the amount of $300 apiece will be designated for students participating in a GSU-sponsored full semester program.  Student applicants must be sponsored by an active faculty member of CHRD.

Requests should be submitted to the Center at by November 15 for Spring 2012 semester programs and by March 1 for Maymester 2012 programs.  Students should provide a one-page statement of purpose, documentation of acceptance in the study abroad or exchange program, and a letter of recommendation from a current CHRD faculty affiliate.  Within two months of their return to GSU after the international experience, student recipients will submit a report (approximately 3-5 typed pages) describing how participation in the program advanced their understanding of human rights and democracy.

For further information:

Center for Human Rights and Democracy
Georgia State University
1005 General Classroom Building
Dr. William M. Downs, co-director
Dr. Fernando Reati, co-director


The Georgia State University Center for Human Rights and Democracy invites proposals requesting funds to support research, grant seeking, and other scholarly activities. Each year funds are allocated to support the capacity of Center-affiliated faculty to produce scholarly or creative products examining the intersection of human rights and democracy. Fundable activities may include travel (airfare, lodging, food, visas, and conference registration), research materials, artistic supplies, graduate research assistance, service provisions (such as translation), publishing licenses, duplication services, computer software or hardware. These expenses should directly support the outcome of the project. The outcome of a project sponsored with a grant from the CHRD could be a grant application, a conference presentation, a published journal article, a published book, a public exhibition, screening or performance of a work of art, film or play. Supported projects that are disseminated and reviewed or juried by peers are encouraged from all disciplines. Regular awards are limited to a maximum of $1000 per faculty member. An additional award in 2011-12 will be allocated to a team of faculty researchers (i.e., at least two) with the specific purpose of facilitating effort that will lead directly to the production and submission of an external grant proposal.

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Faculty and Graduate Student Research on the Politics of Sentencing and Mandatory Minimums

The Georgia State University Center for Human Rights and Democracy and the Department of Political Science invite requests for funding to support research projects on the politics of criminal sentencing and mandatory minimums. Funding will be allocated to faculty and graduate students working on projects in one or more of the following thematic areas:

1) Rights of vulnerable groups (e.g., youth, minorities, immigrants) under systems that employ mandatory minimums for specified crimes (e.g., sexual offenses, drug trafficking, and others). 2) Public and voter preferences for/against mandatory minimums, with special attention to differences across states and/or countries; impact of public preferences and "community standards" on legislative behavior 3) Use of citizen initiatives and popular referendums to influence laws on sentencing 4) Impact of mandatory minimums on recidivism rates 5) Consequences of political trends toward distrust of and disempowerment of judges

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