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Annual Review

2010- 2011 Summary

Faculty Development Grants Awarded

1)  Dr. Michael Galchinsky (English) for presentation of "Countering Jack Bauer: How the 'War on Terror' Strengthened Human Rights," International Studies Association Conference, Montreal, March 16, 2011.2)  Dr. Leonard Teel (Communication) for research project on “The Castro Medal: Why Fidel Honored Thirteen U.S. Correspondents who reported on his Revolution, 1957-1958.”3)  Drs. Ryan Carlin and Daniel Young (Political Science) for research project on “The Politics of Interpersonal Trust and Cooperation in South Africa.”4)  Dr. Fernando Reati (Modern and Classical Languages) to support publication of Desaparecido.  Memorias de un cautiverio, based on interviews with former prisoner Mario Villani who was held in captivity from 1977 to 1981 in secret detention centers in Argentina.5)  Dr. Renee Schatteman (English) to present “Caryl Phillips: Cosmopolitanism and the Ethics of Sympathy” at the EACLALS Triennial Conference (“Under Construction: Gateways and Walls”) in Istanbul, Turkey from April 26-30, 2011.6)  Dr. Jelena Subotic (Political Science) equipment purchase to support research on “The Paradox of Remorse: Evaluating Confessions and Apologies in front of War Crimes Tribunals.”

Event Sponsorship

-  Conference: “Coping with and Responding to the Apocalypse: Haiti after the Earthquake and Cholera” (February 2, 2011). 

Support for Graduate Research

-  Hired Graduate Research Assistant, Veronica Armendáriz (Political Science).  GRA constructed the Center’s new website, represented the Center as a member of the International Youth Election Observation Mission for the November 2010 local council elections in Ukraine, recruited GSU students to participate in human rights study abroad program, and completed a thesis on case levels in the European Court of Human Rights.

Support for Study Abroad

-  Provided scholarship to support student participation in Maymester program, “Human Rights in Argentina: From Dictatorship to Democracy (1976-Today).”-  Provided scholarship to support student participation in semester program, “EU Studies in Strasbourg, France.”  Strasbourg is home to the European Court of Human Rights, and institutional focal point for students during the program.

Host International Visiting Scholar

-  Co-sponsored spring semester residency of Dr. Peter Ling (University of Nottingham, UK) to facilitate his research on funding sources for the civil rights movement in the United States during the 1960s.