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Human Rights Courses at GSU

In addition to the activities of the Center, Georgia State University offers full credit courses to its students on Human Rights and the fundamental questions surrounding the field.  Courses are offered in both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Access to full catalog of courses

Undergraduate Courses

POLS 2401 Global Issues

POLS 4131 Civil Liberties and Rights

POLS 4157 Politics of the Civil Rights Movement

POLS 4425 Politics of International Criminal Justice

POLS 4427 Politics of International Human Rights 

PHIL 3720 Contemporary Moral Problems

PHIL 4800 Social and Political Philosophy

CRJU 3710 Policing and Individual Rights


Graduate Courses

POLS 6131 Civil Liberties

POLS 6220 Comparative Legal Systems and Politics

POLS 6420 International Law

POLS 6427 Politics of International Human Rights

POLS 8205 Comparative Democratization

POLS 8422 NGOs and World Politics

POLS 8485 Ethics of International Relations

SPAN 8840: Trauma, Memory and Art 

SW 8501 Diversity and Social Justice I

HIST 8400 Global Social Movements

LAW 7252 Human Rights and Children

LAW 7277 International Human Rights