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Past Events

Research Conferences, Symposia, and Public Events Sponsored or Co-Sponsored by the Center for Human Rights and Democracy

2011-2012 Academic Year

- College of Arts & Sciences 2012 Hellen Ingram Plummer Lecture Series- Mark Danner: Living with the New Normal Human Rights, U.S. Foreign Policy and the 2012 Elections (April 19, 2012). Throughout his almost 30 years as a journalist, Danner has written and reported about a wide range of foreign affairs events and conflicts including issues related to terror, torture, and America's role in the world.

Las Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo & the Search for Identity (March 22, 2012). A 2011 documentary by Brynne Tuggle, Bethany Parker and Charlie Tuggle. Winner of an Indie-Award for animation and compelling documentaries.

Scraps of Life: A Conversation about Women and Resistance in Chile (November 1, 2011). As symbols of resistance, healing, and remembrance, Chilean arpilleras have communicated the human costs of violence against humanity. Crafted by the women left behind after the military junta disappeared thousands of people in the 1970s, the arpilleras continue to circulate internationally as examples of non-violent resistance.

2009-2010 Academic Year

Symposium on the “Rule of Law” (June 4, 2010). Organized by Dr. Ryan Carlin in the Department of Political Science, this one-day event brought together scholars from the US and abroad to present and discuss research on the comparative development of legal systems in nascent democracies and their ability to promote/defend human as well as civil rights.

Symposium on “Democracy and Human Rights in the Americas” (March 15, 2010). Co-sponsored with the Carter Center, this public forum (held in the Rialto Theater) assembled scholars as well as leading public figures (including former prime ministers and foreign ministers from North, South, and Central America) to debate human rights records across the region.

“Hiroshima Exhibit and Teleconference with Atomic Bomb Survivor” (March 22, 2010). Co-sponsored with the Asian Studies Center, this event provided a multi-day exhibit of photos from the 1945 bombing of Hiroshima and its aftermath along with an interactive video link with one of that bombing’s survivors. More than 50 students heard directly about the atomic bomb’s impact on the lives of generations of Japanese civilians, and they were able to ask questions and discuss the contemporary relevance of nuclear weapons.


-          “Disobedience:  Art as an Agent of Change” (December 2009-January 2010).  Paired the exhibition of Disobedience Archive, an ongoing, internationally focused video library tracing the relationship between artistic practice and civil and social disobedience, with a collection of documentary photos of the civil war in Argentina titled En Negro Y Blanco (In Black & White). Disobedience Archive presents itself as a comprehensive map of social conflict and as a network of contemporary activism. These exhibitions examine the role of the artist as political activist and explore the historic and contemporary functions art can play in political discourse. 


-          Symposium on “Human Rights in the Age of Insecurity” (March 27, 2009).  Co-sponsored with the Middle East Institute, this public event (convened in the Speaker’s Auditorium of the GSU Student Center) brought to campus leading scholars and practitioners to address human rights in the post-9/11 world (with a special focus on


-          “Photo Exhibit:  In Black and White: Political Violence in Argentina (1969-1985).”  Display for students, faculty, and general public of images from Argentina’s “dirty war.”

-          Symposium on “Immigration Policy and Human Rights” (June 16, 2009).  Scholars from across the country as well as from France and Germany presented papers at this GSU-hosted event.  More than 120 students heard presentations on topics ranging from asylum, human trafficking, detention, citizenship rights, and organized discrimination.


-          "Human Rights in ASEAN Community Building" (February 23, 2009). A talk by Dr. Carolina Hernandez (Chair, United Nations Advisory Board on Disarmament; Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of the Philippines).


-          “Sri Lanka:  Bringing an End to a Quarter-Century of Civil War” (June 15, 2009). A public lecture by Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to the United States. Speech given in aftermath of the declared cessation of hostilities in Asia’s longest-running civil war.  Key topic was the controversial condition of thousands of internally-displaced persons in refugee camps across the country.