Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange

A joint public safety partnerships project of Georgia State University and

local, state, federal and international law enforcement agencies



Statement by Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue 


"...In these troubled times of global strife and the War on Terrorism, the United States and Israel stand side by side, as friends and allies.  We share a common cause against terror and tyranny and for the mutual protection of our citizens.  Here in Georgia, dozens of law enforcement personnel have participated in the GILEE law enforcement exchange program with Israel.  Israelis have long lived with the daily reality of terrorism that most Americans only awakened to after 9/11.   Learning from expertise of Israel's law enforcement community in combating terror will help Georgia's law enforcement better protect our citizens-and we are grateful..."

(From remarks made by Sonny Perdue, Governor of Georgia, celebrating Israel's 55th Independence Day, Atlanta, Georgia, May 6, 2003)


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