DSc8450: Applications of Statistical Models for Decision Making

Brian Schott
Decision Sciences Department
College of Business Administration
Georgia State University


To install SAS v8 on any campus computer, I am told that you must execute the following file on that computer. After the installation, the computer shuts down and then SAS will be available on that computer. (Please let me know of any problems you encounter.)


 Hair et al Text

  • Conceptual Issues in The Decision Process For Multivariate Analysis
  • Empirical Issues in The Decision Process For Multivariate Analysis
  • Errata for the Hair et al Textbook
  • Descriptions of SAS files for the Hair et al Textbook
  • Hatco files
  • Problem Set files
  • Zipped files
  • DSc8450 Problem Sets

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  • Datasets at Prentice Hall's "Great Ideas..."
  • Web Sites regarding Statistical Data
  • Files for 1995 Data Analysis Exposition Colleges
  • Resources for Academic Success
  •  SAS and Unix

    Miscellaneous Resources

  • G*Power Power analysis software
  • FAQ GSU creating homepage on Panther
  • The chmod Command File and Directory Permissions
  • JMU Libraries Library portion of market research
  • Pepperdine University Library marketing information
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