The NAFIPS-L mailing list has been created to facilitate communication among members of NAFIPS.

To subscribe to this mailing list, use your system's email software to send the following command to:

SUBSCRIBE NAFIPS-L first_name last_name

The SUBSCRIBE command must be entered in the body of the mail, not on the Subject: line.

To send mail to everyone subscribed to the mailing list, send mail to:

Everyone subscribed to the list automatically will receive any mail that is sent to the list id. You may reply to the list and everyone on the list will see your reply, or you may reply privately to the person who posted the mail.

To access the ARCHIVES, an 'index' request is sent to to find out what archives are available and what files may be obtained from these archives. A user then may request one or more files via a 'get' request. For example:

index nafips-l

get nafips-l log9505

Please note that the GET command should be sent to the LISTPROC userid ( and not to the list name ( The log files are constantly updated during the month whenever new mail is received by the list.

For extensive information on all requests, accepts requests like 'help [topic]' where 'topic' is a request. The command 'help listproc' gives a general introduction.