Study Guide for Statistical Process Control p.329

1. The basics of Statistical Process Control p.331

Inherent random variability vs. assignable cause variability

SPC in TQM p.331

Total Quality Management
Management Philosophy
Tools & Techniques

Quality Measures: Attributes and Variables p.332

An Attribute associated with an individual item is rated either defective or nondefective

A Variable associated with an individual item is a numerical measurement:
ounces, minutes, inches et cetera

Attributes & Variables in Manufacturing & Service p.334

2. Control Charts

Two Sigma and Three Sigma Control Limits

Control Charts for Attributes p.335

p Chart for the defect proportion of an Attribute p.336
Calculating Control Limits
Popcorn Example

C Chart for the defect frequency of an Attribute p.339=
Skim for "why;" don't worry about "how."

Control Charts for Variables p.342
Range Chart ("R Chart") for the variability of a variable p.342'

Calculating control limits using the table on p.343

Mean Chart ("xbar Chart") for the average of a variable p.345
Ladder Example

Using R Charts and xbar charts Together p.346

Control Chart Patterns p.347
This section gives the details for the discussion in "SPC in TQM" p.331-332

Sample Size Determination p.350
Note that the size of a particular periodic sample is much smaller than in Math 1070

3 Process Capability p.351

Process Capability Measures p.353
What does "6 sigma" really mean?

Process Capability Ratio Cp
Assumes that on average you're perfect

Process Capability Index Cpk
Takes bias into account

4. Advertisements for Software Packages p.355


5. Summary p.358

Keep this in mind when filling out your sheet of notes for exam 2 & Final ;-)
On the exams you will have to calculate several of the formulas on page 358-359 (but not c chart limits).