Describing Data One Variable at at Time (Chapter 2) 25

Introduction    25

Management Scenarios and Data Sets    26

Displaying Cross-Sectional Data for Quantitative Variables    27  
                                                               Productivity & Downtime Table 2.2
   Frequency Tables & Histograms:

                                   we'll use pivot tables (p.77-79) on rounded data instead of bins (p. 29)

Summarizing Cross-Sectional Data for Quantitative Variables    33

        Mean, Median, Mode 
Bell shaped or not? 
                Skewness, Kurtosis
        Range, IQR, Variance, Standard Deviation

Detecting Outliers: Problems, Opportunities, or Ordinary Variations  43
        3s Rule for bell-shaped distribution
        Tukey fence for all distributions   45
                Box and Whisker Diagram   46-47

Cross-Sectional Data for Qualitative Variables    48
                                                                         Quality Rating Table 2-3
    Ordinal or Nominal?
        Median and IQR for Ordinal

Displaying Time-Ordered Data    52      Personal Hours Table 2.4

Summarizing Time-Ordered Data    54
    Stationary or Nonstationary?
    Moving Average. Moving Median
    Residuals Plot

Assessing Assignable-Cause Variation for Time-Ordered Data    59

Guide to Data-Analysis Methods    63
Exercises    63
Appendices    74