Chapter 7:  Describing Multivariate Data

Management Scenarios and Data Sets

Table 7.1 page 251
Cross Sectional Analysis

Mixed Table 7.2 Creativity techniques

One-Way Table by descriptive statistics and quartile function
Multiple Box Plot

Qualitative  Table 7.3 Gender & Promotion

Two-Way Table by pivot table
Row and Column Percentages
Intervening Variables (Three-Way) (Employee: gender, promotion, IB class)

Quantitative  Table 7.4 Market Shaer

Scatter Diagram

Circle vs. Ellipse test

Correlation Coefficient

Covariance in 4 quadrants

Identifying Trends

Slope & Intercept
Linear Trend Line
Nonlinear Trend Lines
The Least Squares Criterion

Clusters: a sign of intervening variables.
Quantitative Time-Ordered Analysis 

Scatter diagrams without lag  Table 7-5 Widget Market Share
Scatter diagrams with lag
Autoregression Table 7.6 Gadgets Sold
Correlation Matrix
Table 7.4 Market Shaer