Homework Assignment 1:  Looking at Job Satisfaction

Create a new, blank Excel spreadsheet
        Each student must start with a new blank Excel worksheet
        File sharing of any kind, even raw data, is not allowed.
Go to the website http://sofia.whalen3.org/06HW/Employee_Data.html
Click "Edit,", then click "Select all"
Copy the page to the clipboard and paste it into your spreadsheet.
Save a copy.

For the variable JOBSAT (score on an assessment of an individual's satisfaction with his or her job), find the Inter-Quartile Range , the "low normal" value, the "high normal" value, and compare them to the minimum and maximum values to check for outliers.  You MUST use the Excel functions; no credit for typing the numbers into the cells.

Insert a new column:  put the cursor in column C, click Insert, and click Column
Then start the analysis of Job Satisfaction by rounding it off; following the model in  http://sofia.whalen3.org/06HW/06key1.pdf
Make a real Excel pivot table: click anywhere on the data base:
Click Data, click Pivot Table, Next, Next, Existing worksheet
In the box that opens up, specify a cell to the right of the data base, with a blank column in between
Click Layout and drag Rounded Jobsat into both Row and Data
In Data, click on "Sum of Rounded Jobsat" and change it to "Count"
Click Finish

Make a graph of the pivot table by clicking on the chart icon or clicking Insert and Chart.
Click on the graph background and choose "Clear" to get rid of Excel's silly colored background.

Your spreadsheet should look like http://sofia.whalen3.org/06HW/06key1.pdf
The formulas view  is at http://sofia.whalen3.org/06HW/06key1formula.pdf

Attach your spreadsheet to an email to 7020 [at] whalen3 [dot] org.
The subject line of your email must be the three characters HW1 followed by one space and your name.
PLEASE do not use a different subject line; it interferes with the emails going where they need to go to be graded!
Do not combine multiple assignments into the same email.

In the ***BODY*** of  the email (NOT a Word or Excel attachment!)
include a one page essay about what a manager can learn from the analysis done in Homework 1.

For extra credit, repeat the analysis for  some of the other variables the way you did for job satisfaction.