Assignment: Multicolinearity

Use the point estimates in assignment 1 " Point Estimates" and assignment 4 "Point Estimates From Multiple Regression" to write  a one or two page essay in plain English (sentences and paragraphs, not bullets!) discussing the interrelations among salary, education and job satisfaction among all past present and future employees of the hypothetical company from which the sample of 30 employees  we've been using was drawn.

Your plain English essay must integrate and synthesize
(1) common sense reasoning about why some groups of people are happier, at work, on average, than other groups of people
(2) specific numeric statistical results from previous assignments.

Your focus is the effect of education on job satisfaction, but be sure to take salary into consideration in a well-informed way.

Your essay should also include a discussion of how confident the numeric results entitle you to be about your conclusions.  

Please note that if you write an essay about  (1) above, then write a separate essay about  (2) above, you will have totally failed to satisfy the requirement to
integrate and synthesize