Grading policy:
Your grade in the class is based entirely on ten homework assignments.

You may DISCUSS them with classmates, but papers that show evidence of COPYING (whether because one student has willingly or negligently allowed another to copy the work or two students have collaborated on a common rough draft they both copied from) will both be graded F.

Assignments received after the end of the class period they are due but by the start of the next class will receive HALF credit.

Assignments more than one class period late will be graded F without exception.  Do the work early to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

I hereby pledge my word to the students who abide by this that I will not dilute their grades by granting any exceptions to those who do not.

Please do not embarras us both by telling me how tragic the circumstances were that prevented you from keeping up in the class.

(Note that since I grade on a 4 point scale rather than a 100 point scale, three "A"s and an "F" are the same as fout "B"s.)

Calculation of Grades