Date: January 11, 2010

To: MgS students

From: Dr. Whalen

Re: Homework Assignment 1:

Seasick Waterbeds (problems 1 and 11/2 in the Problems section of Churchill&Whalen) also makes other product groups in the three shops (cutting, assembly, and finishing).

Sometimes the manager of one product group (such as bedframes, canopies, drawer sets, etcetera) will request a transfer of some of the man-hours  in one shop (cutting, assembly, or finishing) allocated to one of the other product groups as a "special favor."   (This is not the same as the overtime mentioned in part b of problems 11/2 .) Sometimes a manager will grant a "special favor" by giving up some of his or her hours in one shop to another product group.

In other words, if a product group such as bedframes receives a special favor, then the number of hours available in one shop for that product group is increased while the number of hours available in the other two shops remains unchanged,  On the other hand, if they are giving a favor, the number of hours in one department available for that product group is reduced while the number of hours available in the other two shops remains unchanged.  A product group cannot give and receive hours in the same week, nor can they give or recieve hours in more than one production department.

If the manager of the bedframes product group were to ask for a special favor this period, what should it be?  On the other hand, how should the bedframes manager respond if the canopy manager or the drawer set manager asks for a "special favor?"

Write a cogent, businesslike memo (one page only, formatted like this page) to the manager of the bedframes product group.  Begin with a specific recommendation about how to use the currently-available resources.  Then go on to discuss what special favor, if any, to bargain for.

In a separate paragraph, discuss how the managed should respond to a request to give a special favor.

Do NOT consider simultaneous giving and or receiving more than one favor at a time.

Be sure to include a brief, accurate, quantitative, and non-technical justification for whatever you recommend using specific numbers from the sensitivity analysis.  Your memo must be self-contained, not requiring the reader to also look at the printout.

Use business language; do NOT use any linear programing jargon.  Do nut use any of the following words: dual, shadow, allowable.

The spreadsheet and summary printout for problems 1 and 11/ are available here.

If two students turn in papers that show signs that one student copied from another, they shared files, or both studentss copied from a common rough draft, both students will receive a grade of zero.  I will not be the judge of who is the copier and who is the person being copied from whether willingly or negligently.