Simplified Snako Assignment

Snako oil has decided as a matter of policy to always make Zoom and Slug at the cheapest possible cost per gallon, even if this means having more ingredients left over to use next period rather than getting a little more short-term money this period with a more expensive mix that would use up more of the available materials.

Thus, from now on, every gallon of Zoom will have exactly
 .2 gallon of DiethylMulehide
 .5 gallon of Gruntane, and
 .3 gallon of Hoctane

Every gallon of Slug will have exactly
 .7 gallon of DiethylMulehide
 .1 gallon of Gruntane, and
 .2 gallon of Hoctane

Note that this changes the problem from a variable-proportion blending problem to a simple resource allocation problem, which makes the spreadsheet layout quite different, and much simpler.

Write a cogent and businesslike memo to Snako management advising them on how much Zoom and how much Slug to produce without violating any of the constraints listed above or in the problem statement in the textbook (including the contracted amounts of each product).  The objective is still to mazimize total contribution; the difference is that there is no longer any flexibility about the proportions of ingredients in each grade of gasoline.   Be sure to include a brief, accurate, and non-technical justification for whatever you recommend.
Also give a clear, quantitative and non-technical discussion of the implications for the production decision if the selling price of one or the other blend of gasoline were to increase or decrease due a change in market conditions.  The manager studied LP a long time ago, and hired you because he doesn't want to study it again!

For extra credit also give a clear, quantitative and non-techincal discussion of the implications for the production decision if the cost of one or another ingredient were to increase or decrease.  (You need three supplementary variables to do this.)

75% of the grade on this homework will be based on the memo.  It should be single-spaced, in standard business memo form, using a standard 10 or 12 point font, and no more than one page in length.  Memos that continue on to a second page, even for one line, will be graded zero!

Attach an Excel printout of the main page, answer report, and sensitivity report.

Hint: You can solve the problem using only two decision variables, total zoom and total slug.
To do this, you need to calculate how much of each ingredient is used, as a function of how much of each product is made.
Constrain these to be less than or equal to resources, just like painting hours and assembly hours for widgets and gadgets.

For the extra credit you would need a solution with five decision variables, a variable for each product and a supplementary variable for each ingredient.
Then you can see the effect of price changes for ingredients

Solutions with more than five decision variables (including supplementary variables) will be graded zero!!

If two students turn in papers that show signs that one student copied from another, they shared files, or both studentss copied from a common rough draft, both students will receive a grade of zero.  I will not be the judge of who is the copier and who is the person being copied from whether willingly or negligently