The Prisoner's Dilemma
You and your accomplice have been arrested for vandalism (you were stealing bricks from the wall of the Second National Bank).
The prosecutor knows you have already robbed the First National Bank, but lacks evidence to convict, so he locks you in sepa rate cells and offers you the following deal if you confess to robbing the First National Bank. (If neither of you confess, you will get the maximum sentence for vandalism, two years.)
Your accomplice does not 
confess to bank robbery
Your accomplice 
onfesses to bank robbery
You do not confess 
to bank robery 
You get two years in prison 
He gets two years in prison
You get 25 years in prison 
He gets one year in prison 
You confess 
to bank robbery 
You get one year in prison 
He gets 25 years in prison
You get ten years in prison 
He gets ten years in prison

Hobbes: If you confess the Godfather will see to it that the Mob rubs you out.

Gauthier: If you confess, nobody who finds out about it will ever rob a bank with you again. If fact, if you even look like the sort of person who would confess, you'll have trouble finding accomplices.