Guidelines for MgS 8160 Project

It wound be possible to give numerically accurate answers to a case and some extensions to it in just one page.  While numerical accuracy is extremely desirable, I am primarily interested in:

1. The business situation and, especially, how it motivates the analysis.

2. The assumptions that were made versus other assumptions that might have been made.  (For example: risk or ignorance, risk attitude, zero or nonzero sum, one-shot or repeated, fuzzy or nonfuzzy, etcetera.)  Sensitivity analysis showing the effect of one or more key numeric assumptions on one or more key output quantities would be a very good idea.

3. The practical insights (not just numeric results) about the business situation gained by doing the analysis.

To do justice to all this in less than 8 double spaced (4 single spaced) pages including charts and tables would require an exceptionally concise writing style unless the problem were trivial.  On the other hand, only the very meatiest and most complex projects would need 20 (10 single spaced) pages.

BTW, I actually prefer 1.5 spacing to either single or double, which would mean 6 to 15 pages for most projects.

Make your report as self-contained as possible, requiring little or no reference to attached spreadshe