DSc 9200 Seminar: Current Literature in Decision Sciences

Once per week, we will have a simulated conference session consisting of six paper presentations;
Each week, one person will present two papers, the rest will present one paper each, selected from the past two years (roughly) of the journal selected for that week. In the first session, I will present two papers from the journal Decision Sciences.

Present your selected paper(s) as if you were the author presenting the research at a conference.
An presentation time limit will be enforced WITHOUT MERCY! The oral component of your grade is based only on what you can present in the allotted time or (preferably) less.  I will announce the time limit at the beginning of each class; it will be between 12 and 24 minutes inclusive.

In Week 6, each of you may choose one or two paper from any IEEE refereed journal you want. I recommend IEEE Transaction on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, on Fuzzy Systems, on Neural Networks, or on Database Systems, but you are not limited to these.

In Week 10, each student presents one or two papers by GSU Faculty (not necessarily Decision Sciences faculty.)

Each member of the class should also select one additional journal.  These journals will be discussed in Weeks 12 through 15.  In each of these sessions, the class member who selected the journal presents two papers, and each of the other class members will present one paper from that journal as usual.

Email what articles you prefer to present, and which journals you prefer to present two articles from, as soon as possible. I will resolve conflicts and post the final assignments.

Tentative Selection of Journals to be Discussed:

Paper Summaries:

I will set up a box in the anteroom to my office for Dsc 920B. Please put a copy of each paper you plan to present into the box no later than 5 P.M. on the Thursday before your presentation.

By 5 P.M.. on the Friday preceding your presentation, send me your summary of the paper(s) according to the required format (click here for the format). Send the summary as an attachment to email, either as HTML or as ASCII. Please do NOT send me MSWord or WordPerfect documents! If you are not absolutely sure you know how to do this, try it out with a test file as soon as possible.

Term Paper

Your term paper will consist of an issues-oriented comparison and contrast of all the journals discussed during the quarter. The paper must be organized into sections based on issues including, but not limited to, the following:

Who will get the most benefit from reading this journal? What sorts of research questions are covered? What sorts of methodologies are used? Do you think you will cite papers from this journal in your dissertation? Why or why not?

Do you think you will ever publish a paper in this journal? Why or Why not?

Do NOT organize your paper into sections each of which is devoted to one journal.

Material for your term paper should be based on a unified view of articles you presented, articles presented by other members of the class, and papers you scanned looking for articles to present. Emphasize the "big picture;" use references to specific articles only as a 'for instance" to illustrate a general point. Do not just mechanically summarize article after article.