DSc 9200C: Current Literature in Decision Sciences
Tuesday 2:00-3:30

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1 8/21 Organizational Meeting
2 8/28 Decision Sciences
 Whalen:  Effects of effort and quality on decision strategy
 Priestley: Exploratory Analysis of the Value of the Skills of IT
 Hakes:  Portfolio Selection Using Stochastic Dominance Criteria
 Whalen:  Use of Computer-mediated Communication
3 9/4 individual consulktation
4 9/11 Managgement Science
Hakes:  Risk Constrained Dynamic Active Portfolio Management.
Priestley:  Organizational Differences in Rates of Learning:
Hakes: Prospect Theory, Mental Accounting, and Lottery Portfolios
5 9/18 Information Sciences
Priestley:  Efficient Data Reconciliation
Hakes:  Inquiry into Anatomy of Conflicts
Priestley:  Forecasting Uncertain Hotel Room Demand
6 9/25 Organizational Behavior & Human Decision Processes
Hakes:  Familiarity Bias & Belief Reversal in Relative Likelihood Judgment
Priestley:  Process of Knowledge Transfer: Diachronic Analysis of Stickiness
7 10/2 IEEE Transactions on ... (Choose papers from any IEEE refereed jouranl)
Hakes:  Econophysics: Can Physicists Contribute to Economics
Priestley:  Constructing Bayesian Networks for Medical Diagnosis
Hakes:  Comparison of Linear and Nonlinear Statistical Techniques
8 10/9 Supply Chain Management: An International Journal
Priestley:  Insights from a logistics partnership
Hakes:   Strategic Challenge of Electronic Comerce
Priestley:  Building Intellectual Capital in the Supply Chain
9 10/16 MIS Quarterly
Priestley: ChartJunk or Goldgraph?
Hakes: Shareholder Wealth Effects of Announcements of CIO
10 10/23 Interfaces
Hakes: Operations Research in Internet Enabled Supply Chains
Priestley: Applying Quantitative Marketing Techniques to Internet
Hakes :  Operations Research in the E-Business Era
11 10/30 Student's Choice
Priestley:  Interpreting and Evaluating a New Test
Hakes: Simulation in an Army Recruitment Office
12 11/6 Papers by GSU Faculty
Hakes (Fazlollahi): Generation of Alternatives for DSS
Priestley (Whalen & Samaddar):  Post-modern Management Science
13 11/13 Student's Choice
Priestley:  Bridging Inter- and Intra-firm Boundaries 
14 11/20 individual consultation
15 11/24 Decision Science Dissertations