William Hakes- Interfaces Summary I



1)      “Applications and Opportunities for Operations Research in Internet Enabled Supply Chains and Electronic Marketplaces” Interfaces; ManMohan S. Sodhi. Interfaces, Vol. 30, No. 2 (March-April). 

2)      ManMohan S. Sodhi, Scient, 303 E. Wacker Drive, Chicago IL 60601. mohansodhi@aol.com

3)      What is the role of operations research in Supply Chains via the Internet?

4)      Basic Theoretical:  This article takes the existing framework of the internet and supply chains, and delves into possible roles of operations research

5)      Operations research has been underutilized in terms of the supply chain.  For some time, this was understandable due to information capacity constraints.  But with the advent of software designed for processing large amounts of information, and the databases to store it, OR has once again come to the forefront of possible disciplines that can best deal with today’s complexities.  Specifically, due to the widespread adoption of then internet, supply chains have grown both in scale and scope.  Sophisticated OR techniques are necessary to address issues like meeting idiosyncratic customer demand, customer relationship management, transportation and inventory scheduling, and countless other areas.  The article details how OR can assist in many different areas, and offers insight into how OR firms can capitalize on such opportunity while citing some examples of firms that have already done so.

6)      The article will have appeal to practitioners as well as academics interested in the study of operations research, supply chain management, e-commerce, etc.

7)      As this article integrates some theory with some applied business cases, I see this method of paper as one that I will frequently produce.