William Hakes- Interfaces Summary II



1)      “Prospects for Operations Research in the E-Business Era”, Interfaces; Arthur M. Geoffrion and Ramayya Krishnan. Interfaces, Vol. 30, No. 2 (March-April). 

2)      Arthur M. Geoffrion, Decisions, Operations, and Technology Management- UCLA; Ramayya Krishnan, Heinz School of Public Policy and Management- Carnegie Mellon University.

3)      What are the prospect for operations research in the filed of business?

4)      Basic Theoretical:  This article takes the existing framework of the e-business, and delves into possible roles of operations research.

5)      Operations research is a growing field in terms of how it applies to e-business.  OR specialists have found that their skills are specially tailored to the following e-business areas: supply chain management, decision software technologies, travel management, financial services, and network infrastructure.  Moreover, OR specialists are encouraged to seek out applied work/research in these areas and publicize their findings/results, thus paving the door for a future generation of OR workers.  Dozens of companies are explicitly discussed that have incorporated OR techniques into online and offline businesses, and “required learning” for OR practitioners is discussed

6)      The article will have appeal to practitioners as well as academics interested in the study of operations research, supply chain management, e-commerce, etc.

7)      As this article integrates some theory with some applied business cases, I see this method of paper as one that I will frequently produce.