William Hakes-  Supply Chain Management Article



1)      “The Strategic Challenge of Electronic Comerce” Supply Chain Management: An International Journal; John Fraser, Nuran Fraser, and Frank McDonald. Volume 5, Number 1 2000, pp. 7-14.

2)      John Fraser, General Systems LTD; Nuran Fraser, International Business Unit- Manchester Metropolitan University; Frank McDonald, Department of International Business- Manchester Metropolitan University.

3)      Is an e-commerce platform critical for business success, and, if so, are businesses going to be willing to take the necessary steps to transition to such a platform?

4)      Basic Theoretical:  This article develops several different theoretical approaches in terms of how best to analyze the possible adoption of e-commerce platforms.

5)      Is an e-commerce platform a prerequisite for business success?  A strong case is made that large scale adoption will come (at an exponential rate) after the “first movers” have worked out all kinks that are likely during the implementation of all new technologies.  First, several theories such as transaction cost theory explain why e-commerce is mission critical.  Next, several case studies are listed, such as Mitsubishi and the Co-operative Bank, whose e-commerce implementation has been a major factor in renewed profitability.  Irrespective of the social and technological issues that will inevitably arise, e-commerce strategies will continue to be adopted en masse as businesses strive to maintain their position in the global competitive landscape.

6)      The article will have greater appeal to practitioners (rather than academics) interested in the study of e-commerce.

7)      As this article is simply a theoretical discussion using a few case studies, it is perhaps the most easily written when “exploring” new ideas and subject matter.  As I hope to explore many different areas of research, and take advantage of any publishing opportunities, I see this method of paper as one that I will frequently produce.