1. "The Use of Computer-mediated Communication in an Inter-organizational Context"
William J Kettinger & Varun Grover:
Decision Sciences 28:3 (Summer 1997) pp. 513-555.
2. William J Kettinger: Center for Information Management and Technology Research, College of Business Administration, University of South Carolina, Columbia SC 29208,
Varun Grover Department of Management Science, College of Business Administration, University of South Carolina, Columbia SC 29208,

3. How are inter-organizational electronic mail systems being used, and what factors relate to their use?
4. Basic Statistical: The paper uses statistical analysis of data obtained from an electronic survey with 613 respondents. The analysis featured factor analysis and multiple regression.
5. Three empirically derived patterns of interorganizational e-mail use emerged that showed it was regularly used for broadcast, talk, and social communication. Broadcast usage, which reflects an information-gathering communication function, most likely through public bulletin boards, electronic discussion groups, and list servers, was the most frequent use of inter organizational e-mail. Multivariate regression tests showed that the three different usage types were best predicted from different sets of independent variables drawn from a pool of 68 candidate measures. Results support past claims that there is a need to differentiate among types of use in explaining computer mediated communication usage behavior.
6. The paper may be of interest to researchers studying communication modalities, to managers wishing to harness the power of the Internet and avoid its pitfalls within their own aorgnization, and to anyone who has a general interest in the evolution of cyberspace.
7. I will probably not publish a paper similar to this one. My interests are more towards theory, mathematics, and experimentation rather than surveys.