MgS 8130 Problem Solving

Dr. Whalen   Fall 2007    106 Aderhold, Monday 4:30-7:00   Click for syllabus
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Part 1: Creating A Problem
1: 8/20
"Houston, we have an opportunity"
Movie: Apollo 13
2: 8/27
Chapter: "The Hidden Traps ..."
Labor Day

3 9/10
Getting Acquainted With Your Data    
Job Satisfaction Data      Results
Time Series: Bulgarian Stock Market
Control Charts: Ladders
Case: "Note on How to Lie with Statistics"
Case: "Are These Conclusions Valid"
Confidence Intervals & Hypotheses Simplified
Problem Diagnosis Worksheet
The Curious incident of the dog in the Night
Chapter: "Can you Analyze This Problem"
Chapter: "How to Analyze That Problem"
Case:  Jones Box & Label
5: 9/24
Toyota's Heuristics        An Alternate Approach
Case: "Toyota..." p.1-7, 11-14, 22
6  10/1
Root Cause Analysis
Case: "Toyota ..." p. 7-11, 15-21
7  10/8
How to Avoid Conflict       Cartoons
Groupthink, Abilene Paradox, creative conflict.
Wikipedia on Groupthink
skim chapter "Interpersonal Barriers"   Summary
Bay of Pigs

Part 2: Creating Conflict and Indecision
Creative Conflict in Action                  
Directions for Final Case summary
Cuban Missile Crisis
Movie: 13 Days    Characters     Screenplay
Mindguards in Implementation Phase
Review Toyota and Cuba Cases
Creativity Techniques:  A Contradiction? 
Creative Conflict.       Creativity gimmicks
"Plausible Deniability"
Nominal Group Technique
NGT with Borda Count (CDC)  
Effective Teams Strive for Consensus
Case: "Ryan Doornbos Painting"

Part 3: Eliminating Alternatives
11: 11:5
Management as Desigh
Management Science
Widgets/Gadgets & solution
Adoption Placement
12: 11/12
"Did you everhave to finally decide?"
Multiple Criteria Decision Making

Chapter: "Even Swaps" from HBR textbook
Vincent Sahid
Weighted-Sum Tradeoffs
13: 11/19
Risk Benefit Analysis
Weight of Evidence
Base Rates & Likelihoods
How To Take a Chance
Decision. Analysis Scenarios
14: 11/26
Democracy and Leadership
Term Paper Part 1 Due
Social Choice  
skim chapter "The Effective Decision"
Vroom/Yetton/Jago Theory of Leadership
15: 12/3
Bounded Rationality

Term Paper Part 2 Due  Postponed!
Chapter: "When to trust your gut"
skim chapter "Humble Decision Making"
Maybe We should Leave it to the Computer
What Have We Gained for Our Time and Mental Energy ?

Monday December 10: 
Term Paper Parts 2 & 3 Due