Things to Watch for in Thirteen Days:

Kenny O'Donnell: "It's too political with you in there anyway. They need to stick their necks out."
Jack Kennedy: "So I'm only going to show up for the meetings you call me in to. Inspire us. Do it fast."

Outsiders: Dean Acheson on the right, Adlai Stevenson on the left.

Jack Kennedy: "We're certainly going to do number 1, surgical airstrikes against the missiles themselves. We're going to take those missiles out."
Robert McNamara: "We want to be clear, Mr. President, that we've definitely decided against a political track"
Jack Kennedy: "How does this all lay out?"
Kenny O'Donnell: "You didn't freeze. You did exactly what you should have done. You stayed out of the corner. You didn't decide."

Jack Kennedy (Thinking about Bay of Pigs): "You know there's something immoral about abandoning your own judgment."

Bobby Kennedy: "There has to be something else. Give it to me. I don't care how crazy, stupid, or inadequate it is. Give it to me."

Jack Kennedy: "I want consensus. I want either airstrikes or blockade, but something everyone's going to stand by, even if they don't like it. I want it by Saturday. Make it happen."

Adlai Stevenson: "There is a third alternative. It seems to me that someone in this room should be a coward so I guess I'll be. A third course is to strike a deal. We trade Guantanamo and our missiles in Turkey, get them to pull their missiles out." (Devil's advocate)

Kenny O'Donnell: "This is a setup. The chiefs want to go in. They need to redeem themselves for the Bay of Pigs. They've got to go in this time. They've got to do it right." (Sunk cost)

Worry about Soviet's outguessing randomness: previously scheduled bomb test and missile test, accidental incursion of U2 over Russia.

Anchoring and Adjustment: World War I anchoring on the Franco-Prussian war.
"The Navy's been running blockades since the days of John Paul Jones"

Jack Kennedy quoting Sun Tsu: "War is a moral contest and they're won in the temples before they're ever fought."