Even Swaps

Single versus multiple criteroin decision making
necessity of making trade-offs
    Different objectives measired on different scales

Special Case 1: Only Two Alternatives
    Franklin's Moral Algebra 42
    Getting to Two Alternatives

Special Case 2: Only Two Criteria
    Pareto Frontier
    Getting to Two Criteria:

Creating a Consequence Table 24
    Verbal consequence Table
        Vincent Sahid example introduced

Eliminating "Dominated" Alternatives 25
    Ordinal Consequence ("Ranking") Table

Making Even Swaps  29
    $100 versus 2,000 frequent flyer miles
    Brazilian cola proftis versus market share p. 30, chart p. 32
    Even Swaps Step by Step 31

Simplifying a Complex Decision 30
    Alan Miller's Office Location Problem

The Art of the Swap
    Make the Easier Swaps Fitst
    Concentrate on the Amount of the Swap
(not the apparent importance of the overall objective)
              Example: (un) importance of safety when choosing an airline
    Value of an Incremental Change Depends on what you Start With
             Adding 300 square feet to 700 versus adding 300 square feet to 1000
     Make Logically Consistent Swaps
            If you swap A for B and B for C, you should be willing to swap A for C (transitivity)
    Seek Out Solid Information
            This can include well-thought-out personal preference