Final Case Summary on Cuban Missile Crisis

In the Bay of Pigs decision making, it is generally believed that all the signs of groupthink were present.

Use the version of the Cuban Missile Crisis decision making portrayed in the movie 13 Days
to discuss whether or not each of Janis' eight symptome of groupthink were present.
If you think a particular symptom was not present, explain how they avoided it.
If you think a particular symptom was present, dsscribe it in context
and discuss whether it played a positive, negative, or mixed role.

The eight symptoms:

1. Illusion of invulnerability
2. Unquestioned belief in the inherent morality of the group
3. Collective rationalization of group's decisions
4. Shared stereotypes of outgroup, particularly opponents
5. Self-censorship; members withhold criticisms
6. Illusion of unanimity (see false consensus effect)
7. Direct pressure on dissenters to conform
8. Self-appointed "mindguards" protect group from negative information

Hint: see the link on "mindguards" from the course website.