Grading policy:

Your grade in the class is based entirely on ten homework assignments.
You may DISCUSS them with classmates, but papers that show evidence of COPYING (whether because one student has willingly or negligently allowed another to copy the work or two students have collaborated on a common rough draft they both copied from) will both be fraded F.

You may request a ONE WEEK extension on ONE and ONLY one of the ten assignments but ONLY if you contact me BEFORE class time on the day it is due.   Assignments received after the end of the class period they are due but by the start of the next class will receive HALF credit unless an extension has been granted.  Assignments more than one week late will be graded F without exception.  Do the work early to avoid unforeseen circumstances.
I hereby pledge my word to the students who abide by this that I will not dilute their grades by granting any exceptions (except the afoprementioned one one-week extension) to those who do not.
To request a one week exttension, email
8110  a
whalen3  d
org before the assignment is due.

  Please do not embarras us both by telling me how tragic the circumstances were that prevented you from keeping up in the class.

Assignments will receive letter grades as follows:
Grade points
A+ 4.3 Given only under extraordinary circumstances.
A 4 Complete, correct, very cogent, with something extra
A- 3.7 Complete and correct.    A- does not necessarily mean there are errors and omissions for which "points were taken off," just that the presentation was uninspired.
B+ 3.3 Extremely minor "picky" errors and omissions
B 3 Mild errors and onissions or very awkward presentation
B- 2.7 Moderate errors and omissions
C+ 2.3 Serious errors and omissions
C 2 Mostly right
C- 1.7 Partly wrong
D+ 1.3 Mostly wrong
D 1 Wrong but shows effort

Your point average for the course will be converted to a final letter grade as follows:

3.85 - 4.30 A
3.50 - 3.84 A-
3.15 - 3.49 B+
2.85 - 3.14 B
2.50 - 2.84 B-
2.15 - 2.49 C+
1.85 - 2.14 C
1.50 - 1.84 C-