"Objectives" in Various Flavors of Decision Making
Type of Decision: Conflicting "Objectives"
Multiple Objectives My car should have a low price 
It should also be roomy & luxurious
Stakeholder experiences ALL the consequences
of the selected alternative
Risky Decisions Do well in rain; 
Do well in shine
Stakeholder experiences only the consequence
of the selected alternative that apply under the actual state if nature
Games Do well if opponent attacks on left 
Do well if opponent attacks on right
Each contestant experiences only the consequences
jointly determined by both contestants' chosen alternative
Social Choice Satisfy you 
Satisfy me
Each stakeholder experiences toe consequences
to them of the alternative chosen by the group.

Zero Sum Games
Stone paper Scissors
Nonzero-Sum Games Prisoners' Dilemma
Tragedy of the Commons

Paradoxes of Voting

Arrow's Impossibility Theorem
Conditions for Majority Rule

Voting Schemes:
Plurality with Runoff
Sequential Runoff  ("drop the lowest")
Borda Count  (top 10 football teams)
Condorcet  (avoid agenda effect)

Median Voter Theorem  I often think it's comical--Fal, lal, la!
How Nature always does contrive--Fal, lal, la!
That every boy and every gal
That's born into the world alive
Is either a little Liberal
Or else a little Conservative!-- Fal, lal, la!
--Iolanthe, Act II Scene 1, by Gilbert & Sullivan

Approval Voting