When to Trust Your Gut   -- Discussion Question

What was Chrysler's market niche in 1988?
Why did they begin developing an ultra-powerful engine?

Framing heuristics and biases are not limited to gains vs. losses.
What framing bias was overcome at Chrysler? Six Flags?
How do you get outside the box?

Is the amygdala the organ for framing? (River on Firefly/Serenity)

Why is Damasio's brain injured patients' difficulty feeling emotional about other people's experiences like their difficulty choosing between future alternatives (e.g. appointment dates)?

Chunking heuristic (Simon)
What the chess grandmaster sees first is not a pattern of pieces on the board; he sees a pattern of strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. For fast play this is enough; for championship play, he considered every piece as a last check.

What is the role of data and quantitative analysis in intuition/instinct/gut feel according to Larsen & Pittman?
Compare what Larsen says about analysis vs. intuition on p. 174 with what Simon says on p. 181

Dawes on the bottom of p. 180 of " When to Trust Your Gut" says "Maybe we should leave it to the computer!"

p. 183-184 review of cognitive biases

Does Lutz follow the advice on page 153 about "escalation of commitment?"