Barry T. Hirsch

W.J. Usery Chair of the American Workplace

Department of Economics

Andrew Young School of Policy Studies

Georgia State University

Atlanta, Georgia 30302-3992

voice: 404-413-0880   fax: 404-413-0145




Curriculum Vitae: pdf



Current Manuscripts/Published Articles (most papers available in pdf)


Union Databases from Hirsch and Macpherson: – Union Membership and Coverage Database from the CPS

State Union Data Files from Monthly Labor Review Article


Recommended Links:



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            Society of Labor Economists (SOLE)

            Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)

            Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA)

            Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

            Current Populations Survey (CPS)

            Statistical Abstract of the United States

            David Warsh's "Economic Principals"


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