The GTA Undergraduate Teaching Committee (the Committee) is responsible for evaluating and recommending Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) to teach introductory economics classes at GSU in addition to monitoring their performance. The Committee and policies listed on this website have two main goals:

We believe the economics department as a whole will benefit from successfully attaining these goals because more undergraduates will want to take our courses (and perhaps major in economics), and our graduate students will learn valuable job market skills in order to earn better placements.

All GTAs in the Economics Department will begin their independent teaching experience at GSU by teaching an introductory level economics course (Econ 2100 - The Global Economy, Econ 2105 - Principles of Macroeconomics or Econ 2106 - Principles of Microeconomics) using WebCT. After demonstrating effective teaching in an economics principles course, GTAs may be allowed to teach upper level economics courses, depending on availability.

Students wishing to teach should review these policies and requirements, which are subject to periodic review and updating. Please direct any questions or comments to members of the Committee.


GTA Undergraduate Teaching Committee

Faculty Coordinators
Administrative Specialist
Dr. Jon Mansfield - Chair
Phone: 404.413.0151
Dr. Shelby Frost
Phone: 404.413.0155
Ms. Bess Blyler
Phone: 404.413.0143