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University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
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Selected papers                                  

 “Global Reform of Personal Income Taxation, 1981-2005: Evidence from 189 Countries,” with Steven Buttrick and Denvil Duncan, AYSPS RPS08-08, IZA DP4228. April 2009 version at SSRN, Data Notes (accepted subject to minor revisions at the National Tax Journal)


“Tax Progressivity and Income Inequality,” with Denvil Duncan, AYSPS RPS08-26. June 2008 version at SSRN


“Inequality and Volatility Moderation in Russia: Evidence from Micro-Level Panel Data on Consumption and Income,”  with Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Dmitriy Stolyarov, Review of Economic Dynamics, 13(1), January 2010: 209-237. Final draft, Published article.

             (previous title: "A Bumpy Ride along the Kuznets Curve: Consumption and Income Inequality Dynamics in Russia")

Longer version at SSRN (NBER WP15080, June 2009)

Media: Vedomosti (in Russian)


“Does Labor Supply Respond to a Flat Tax? Evidence from the Russian Tax Reform,” with Denvil Duncan, Economics of Transition, forthcoming, June 2009 version at SSRN (IZA DP4257).


Complementarity and Custom in Wage Contract Violation,” with John Earle, Review of Economics and Statistics 91(4), November 2009, forthcoming. Final draft, Published article


“Myth and Reality of Flat Tax Reform: Micro Estimates of Tax Evasion Response and Welfare Effects in Russia,” with Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, Journal of Political Economy 117(3), June 2009: 504-554.  Published article

Longer version at SSRN (NBER WP13719).

“Lessons from the Russia’s 2001 Flat Tax Reform,” with Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, Vox: Research-Based Policy Analysis and Commentary from Leading Economists, February 19, 2008. Published article

Media: WSJ, Guardian, Press-release


“The Normalization of Deviant Organizational Practices:  Wage Arrears in Russia, 1992-1998,” with John Earle and Andrew Spicer, Academy of Management Journal 53(2), April 2010. Final draft, February 2004 version at SSRN


“Compensating Differentials in Emerging Labor and Housing Markets: Estimates of Quality of Life in Russian Cities,” with Mark Berger and Glenn Blomquist, Journal of Urban Economics 63, 2008: 25-55. Final draft, Published article


“Public Sector Pay and Corruption: Measuring Bribery from Micro Data,” with Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Journal of Public Economics 91, Issues 5-6, June 2007: 963-991. Final draft Longer version at SSRN, Published article


“Measuring Bribery in Ukraine’s Public Sector,” with Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Beyond Transition 17(3), July — September 2006, World Bank (in English and Russian).  Published article