Economics Seminar Series

Schedule for 2008/2009 AY


Coordinator: Shif Gurmu (; (404) 413-0161)


Place: AYS Seminar Room, 7-th Floor


Fall 2008:


Jeffrey S.  Zax  (University of Colorado, Boulder)

           Title: “Housing Allocations and Inequality in Early and Mid-reform Urban China”



Dan A. Black (University of Chicago)

Title: "Why Do So Few Women Work in New York (and So Many in  

          Minneapolis)?  Labor Supply of Married Women across U.S. Cities”



Lung-fei Lee (Ohio State University)

      Title: “Specification and Estimation of Network Models with Social Interactions”



Melayne M.  McInnes (University of South Carolina)

     Title: “Job Coaching in South Carolina:  Would Cream Skimming Help?”




Spring 2009:


James R.  Barth (Auburn University)

Title: TBA