Pat Byrd
Department of AppliedLinguistics & ESL
Georgia State University
Atlanta, Georgia USA


AL 8460 English Grammar for ESL/EFL Teachers

AL 8460 has been designed to provide you with a variety of ways to learn about English grammar and about the teaching of English grammar to ESL/EFL students. The course combines individual and group work with reading and lectures about the content. While you control the times when you decide to work with the course materials and we never meet as a group in real time, the course has been designed to have you be part of a "class" as well as an individual learner.

Begin your study by clicking on the "Syllabus" link to find out about the organization and content of the course. After you have studied the syllabus, then explore other course components. Reading assignments are in the "Course Calendar."

If you have any problems with technology or the course, please get in touch with me by email at or by telephone at 404-728-0455.



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