Advice on Taking This Web-based Course

Hear the Lecture

Students who have taken this course on the web in previous semesters offer the following advice about studying and learning on the web:

1. Make a plan for when you will study the materials each week.  Stick to that plan. Some people studied late at night; others on weekends; others early in the morning.  Make a plan.  Write it down.  Do it!

2. Learn about the system quickly--during the first week.  Spend a lot of time figuring out how the WebCt site is organized.  Know what materials are there and how to use them.

3. Start work on the papers from the first week.  Do not try to write them in just a few days.  They are more time-consuming than they might sound like when you read the descriptions in the syllabus.

4. Study with a friend.  Sit together in front of the computer--and watch the PowerPoint slides together and answer the questions that Dr. Byrd asks.  Sit together in front of the computer and listen to the lectures; stop them when you have a question and talk with together about your ideas and questions.  Just because the course is on the web, you do not have to study alone!

5. Listen to the lectures and read them at the same time.  The two approaches help to improve comprehension and learning.

6. Study in the GSU computer labs. The computers there are super!

7. If you have technical problems, ask for help fast.

8. Feel free to ask Dr. Byrd questions.  She really enjoys them.  

If you need help in getting organized to study or with the technical aspects of studying on the web, please give me a call or email me right away. I can be reached at and at 404-728-0455 or 404-651-2934 (w).  I look forward to hearing from you.