Lecture 4

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Topic 1 Phrases & Clauses Defined
Topic 2 Phrases in Discourse
Topic 3 Table 3.1 Main Forms of the Verb Phrase
Topic 4 Examples
Topic 5 Being a Clever & Efficient Scholar of English Grammar
  • Do the PowerPoint Presentation for Chapter 3 in the Longman Student Grammar of Spoken and Written English. The PowerPoint materials are written to help you understand the content of the Longman Student Grammar. You will probably benefit from doing the PowerPoint materials before you read Chapter 3.
  • PowerPoint Overview of Chapter 3

  • Do Quiz Set 3 to test your understanding of the content in Chapter 3 of the Longman Student Grammar. You can find all the quizzes at http://www.gsu.edu/~eslhpb/quiz. You'll need the ID and Password to enter the quiz website. You can email me if you can't remember those!