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WASP Bench (lexicography tool) (user id: KSUconference, password: ksu)

MICASE ( Michigan Corpus of Academic Spoken English)

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Gerry's Vocabulary Teacher ($)

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Sample academic text

New Yorkers texts

Dictionaries and Vocabulary

A good general online dictionary | Longman's Web-based dictionary tool

Building Academic Vocabulary Skills

The AWL (Academic Word List) is a list of words created by Averil Coxhead. She found the most frequent words in a variety of academic readings, and then she created the AWL. It has 570 words, and is divided into 10 sublists: the first sublist has the most frequent academic words, while the last sublist has the least frequent academic words.

Useful websites for the AWL:

The Academic Wordlist Gapmaker by Sandra Haywood.


Academic Word List Information

Hot Potatoes (online activity builder)

Hot Potatoes homepage to download the software

Hot potatoes file 1 (save this file to dayspace and open in Hot Potatoes)

Hot potatoes file 2 (save this file to dayspace and open in Hot Potatoes)

Voice/Sound software


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