"Teaching English Rhythm: From Theory to Practice"
Chela-Flores, Bertha.  (1998).
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Annotation from Rita Wong:

     In "Teaching English Rhythm:  From Theory to Practice," Bertha Chela-Flores makes an important contribution to the field of language teaching.  First, she clearly defines the problem which teachers of English as a second or foreign language have faced for more than two decades:  what to do, if anything, about the teaching of pronunciation.  Second, she provides a sound, research-based rationale for focusing on the teaching of rhythm, instead of consonants and vowels, which has been the long-standing practice.  Finally she offers a technique for teaching rhythm that has been tested with her students with encouraging results.  Altogether, this text provides convincing support for the teaching of rhythm, and tools for teachers to implement the theory.  Teaching English Rhythm could have far-reaching results for learners of English, who need communication skills more than ever in a world that is becoming increasingly global.  It deserves a wide audience.