How to run the One-Way ANOVA procedure

1. Build the Data Set

The table to the right provides an example of a data set involving one factor with three levels. The first column lists the case number which is optional. The second column has the independent variable (e.g., prime-target relation) which has three levels (e.g., translation, related, and control). The next column lists the dependent variable which is reaction times (rt).



2. Run the Procedure

a. Go to SPSS, select Analyze, then Compare Means, then One-Way ANOVA, and you will see this dialogue box.
b. Move the dependent variable (in this example, rt) to the Dependent List space, and the independent variable (e.g., relation) to the Factor space. Then select Options.
c. In the Options Dialogue box, select Descriptive, then click on Continue, and then click on OK. You are done.

3. Read the Output

You will get two tables showing the results of the analysis. The first one gives you the descriptive results:

The second one gives you ANOVA results. In this example, the F value is .313, and p value is .736, which means there is no significant difference among the three conditions.


The Output Listing