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(new) I am organizing the 2019 Georgia State FinTech Conference on Feb 8-9, 2019. The conference is co-sponsored by the Review of Financial Studies with a dual-submission option to the RFS. The submission deadline is October 1, 2018.
I co-organized the 2016 Annual GSU CEAR-Finance Conference (conference program) on April 29-30, 2016. The topics of the conference are on Corporate Finance and Asset Management.
How Valuable is FinTech Innovation?, with Mark Chen and Qinxi Wu, forthcoming, Review of Financial Studies
Mandatory Portfolio Disclosure, Stock Liquidity, and Mutual Fund Performance, with Vikas Agarwal, Kevin Mullally, and  Yuehua Tang, 2015, Journal of Finance 70, 2733-2776  (pdf,  supplementary appendix)
Uncovering Hedge Fund Skill from the Portfolio Holdings They Hide, with Vikas Agarwal, Wei Jiang, and Yuehua Tang, 2013, Journal of Finance 68, 739-783   (pdf, internet appendix)
The Mystery of Zero-Leverage Firms, with Ilya A. Strebulaev, 2013, Journal of Financial Economics 109, 1-23 (Lead Article)  (pdf)
Optimal Dynamic Risk Taking, with Ajay Subramanian, 2017, Mathematics of Operations Research 42, 599-625
Communication and Comovement: Evidence from Online Stock Forums, with Lei Jiang and Jinyu Liu, forthcoming, Financial Management
   Yihong Xia Best Paper Prize, 2015 CICF

Dynamic Capital Structure with Heterogeneous Beliefs and Market Timing, 2013, Journal of Corporate Finance 22, 254-277  (pdf)

Communication, Excess Comovement and Factor Structures, 2013, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 40 (9-10), 1304-1325  (pdf)
Working Papers
(new) Auditing and Blockchains: Pricing, Misstatements, and Regulation, with Sean Cao and Lin William Cong
    Presented: PCAOB/JAR Conference (scheduled), Fed Atlanta/CEAR Conference on Financial Stability Implications of New Technologies (scheduled), Georgia State University Accounting, Finance, and Computer Science Workshops

Dynamic Prudential Regulation, with Ajay Subramanian (appendix)

    Presented: NBER Law and Economics Summer Institute, Finance Theory Group Conference at Duke University, CREDIT Conference in Venice,  Conference on Financial Stability, Bank Risk and Regulation at the Central Bank of Luxembourg, Conference on Capital Requirements at Fed Cleveland
Product Variety and Asset Pricing (coming soon), with Florin Bidian and Ajay Subramanian
   Presented: Econometric Society North America Winter Meeting, Econometric Society China Meeting, Econometric Society Australasian Meeting, Econometric Society Asian Meeting    
Publications in Mathematics Journals
Compactification of the moduli spaces of vortices and coupled vortices, with Gang Tian, 553, 2002, Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik, 17-41.

Removable singularities of Yang-Mills connections in higher dimensions, 209, 2003, Pacific Journal of Mathematics, 381-398.

The uniqueness of tangent cones for Yang-Mills connections with isolated singularities, 180, 2003, Advances in Mathematics, 648-691.