Jason T. Greene
Associate Professor of Finance

Office: Robinson College 1243
Phone: 404-651-2655
Fax: 404-651-2630
E-mail: jgreene7@gsu.edu


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Jason T. Greene
Department of Finance
Robinson College of Business, 12th Floor
Georgia State University
35 Broad Street
Atlanta, GA 30303

Research Publications
  • Greene, J. and C. Hodges, 2002. “The dilution impact of daily fund flows on open-end mutual funds.” Journal of Financial Economics 65, 131-158.
  • Battalio, R. H., R. Jennings, J. Greene, and B. Hatch, 2002. “Does the Limit Order Routing Decision Matter?” Review of Financial Studies 15, 159-194.
  • Greene, J. and C. Hodges, 2000. “Market timing skill, expected returns, and mutual fund performance.” Advances in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management.
  • Greene, J. and S. Smart, 1999. “Liquidity provision and noise trading: Evidence from the ‘Investment Dartboard’ column,” Journal of Finance 54, 1885-1899.
  • Battalio, R. H., J. Greene, and R. Jennings, 1998. “Order flow, trade quality, and liquidity costs: Merrill Lynch’s decision to cease making markets on the regional exchanges,” Journal of Financial Intermediation 7, 338-358. Lead article.
  • Battalio, R. H., J. Greene, and R. Jennings, 1997. “Do competing specialists and preferencing dealers affect market quality? An empirical analysis,” Review of Financial Studies 10, 969-993.
  • Greene, J. and S. Watts, 1996. “Price discovery on the NYSE and the Nasdaq: The case of overnight and daytime news releases,” Financial Management 25, no. 1, 19-42.

Research in Progress
  • “Mutual Fund Distribution and Delegated Monitoring: An Examination of No-Transaction-Fee Supermarkets” with C. Ciccotello and L. Walsh.
  • “Daily fund flows and redemption fees,” with C. Hodges and D. Rakowski.
  • “The impact of limit orders on trading costs on the NYSE.”
  • “Tax overhang and the trading of short-term for long-term capital gains in open-end mutual funds,” with G. Geisler and C. Hodges.


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