Class Attendance Policy


  1. When you officially drop a course within the 1st week, your transcript has no indication that you ever took and dropped the course. It will not show on your transcript!. Students can only drop a course within the first week of the semester. They cannot drop a course after that.
  2. When you officially withdraw a course, your transcript shows it either as a 'W' (if the course is officially withdrawn, with a passing grade, before the semster Midpoint) or an 'F' on your transcript. See information for the Midpoint date on this page:
  3. If a student is absent in the class during the first and second weeks of the semester, the instructor teaching the course has the right to request that the student be dropped from the course during the 2nd week.
  4. To enforce this attendance policy, an attendance roll will be taken in the class during these two weeks. Attendance will regularly be checked in all other classes throughout the semester.

To ensure that your attendance is documented, and to avoid the presence of phantum students in the class, students must put their nitials in front of their name in the attendance sheet circulated in the class.

Late registering students must print their name at the bottom of the list and put initials in front of their name.