Volcanic Hazard Assessment

Your job as student geologist is to evaluate the threat of five (5) volcanic hazards upon neighborhoods in the town: tephra (ash flow), lahar (mudflow), pyroclastic flow, lava flows, and volcanic gas. You should learn about the volcanic deposits in the area and the landscape of the Hazard City.

Your final product is a hazard matrix (see table below) that summarizes the threat of the volcanic hazards, mentioned above, to two neighborhoods within the town (you should select either 'Low' or 'High" within each cell!)

Answer the following questions
NOTE: Use the scantron form provided in the classroom for your answers!:

Steps you need to take to do Version 1:

  • For tephra check out the prevailing wind and the location of the Lava Mountain. Also check out the thickness of the ash deposits, from the drill holes, on either sides of the Lava Mountain.
  • For lahar, check the drillings for mudflow deposits for risk of lahar. Remember that lahar follows stream channels.
  • Pyroclastic flow also follows stream channels. Check the drillings for ash deposits with charred trees and other debris.
  • For lava flow - use common sense!
  • For volcanic gas, see if the Hazard city is upwind or downwind or if it is too far from the mountain.
  • Answer the questions in the scantron form and return the form on the due date!