Earthquake Damage Assessment

An earthquake on the Twin Fork Fault affected Hazard City in 1897. The earthquake produced effects in the town that can be rated on the Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale.

Your job is to estimate the number of people in five neighborhoods who would need emergency housing if a similar earthquake would occur today.

Answer the following questions
Use the scantron form provided in the classroom for your answers!

Steps you need to take to do Version 1 and fill up the above table:

  1. Fitst learn about the Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale
  2. Learn how earthquakes affect different types of buildings.
  3. Explore Hazard City to learn about the types of buildings in this city
  4. Do simple arithmetic to estimate the number of people who will need emergency housing
  5. Determine the population in each neighborhood
  6. Determine the type of houses in each community
  7. From the "Building Response" look up the percentage of different bulding types that would be uninhabitable for specific event
  8. Eastimate the number of people needing emergency housing
  9. Answer the questions in the scantron form and return the form on the due data!